Penélope’s Diary

Penelope came to me as a nickname from a good friend of mine, she was making fun of my utopian ideal of love, for waiting for the love that never comes. A few years later I fell in love with a person who lived far away, he was my first love and it was very intense . During the years we were together I felt like I was constantly waiting for him, Ulysses, to have a family, to feel good enough to be loved, I was waiting for a fairy-tale life with a happy ending. Because I believed every single tale ever written about love, I had been training for that my whole life as almost every girl in the world. I later realized that life and love are not like in the books about princesses. This is the lesson that every woman learns after losing their first love.

Although Penelope is not me and Ulysses is not a person in particular. They both represent the sorrow of my personal experience. She represents the illusion, dreams, hopes and life while he is the opposite, the darkness, the depression, the loss and the reality. Both are part of the different views of the same love. These two characters interact continuously in a mutual absence becoming a bond of poetic duality.